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ANTIJOB – Antiwar and antiwork movement in Russia

Despite repressions in connection with the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the anti-authoritarian initiatives continue to operate in Russia. One of them is Antijob, an anti-authoritarian syndicalist project that carries out its work no matter the risks.

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Since the start of the invasion, Antijob has spoken out against military aggression, forced conscription at work, and continues its fight for the labor against work.

On 8 December at 18:00, a representative of Antijob’s collective will share their experience of survival and fighting in a repressive state. You will also learn how to support the working-class movement in Russia.

Here is an interview made by crimethinc on the topic:

The Oktober Nattsvart Poster

This was the result after scrambling a bit to come up with a new poster. We went with something pretty traditional. Become ungovernable, y’all! If you click the image below you’ll get a printable version of the poster. The original format is A3 and color.

Tales of anarchy and its practice – autumn 2022 – registration is open!

Starting on the 18th of September the introductory course in anarchist theory and praxis starts!

In September and October 2022, in Stockholm, we will host a short introductory course on how revolutionary anarchism functions as praxis. The intended audience is anyone who is, or wants to be, serious about political projects within the anarchist movement.

The course is split up over 3 days, each day containing 2 sessions/speakers. The content will be addressed both in lecture format and in seminar forms.’

In order to reserve a spot on it, please fill out the registry form:

What is nattsvart? An open house event

Short url to shareable event:

The printing group will sell their shirts, you can try out training in our gym area, eat something from the Piratköket kitchen, take part in a facilitated conversation on voting and the anarchist critique of voting, and check out our zine library.

We will also give a short presentation on what Nattsvart Verkstad is and what we have been up to during the last two years.

Date & Time: Sunday, 11 September, 2022 – 15:00 until late


  • bar/cafe
  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • exhibition
  • food
  • (free) shop/market
  • guided tour
  • work space/diy

 Nattsvart is financed only by donations from anonymous givers. Please consider supporting us by donating to us.

Getting started with prisoner solidarity work

Saturday, 20/8 18:00

As a part of the preparations for the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners (that happens between the 23rd of august and the 30th of august), we invite you to an evening focused on how to get started with prisoner solidarity work. This is an open event and anyone who wants to know more about the topic is welcome to participate. The structure of the evening will be that invited guests will share their experiences and their “do’s and don’ts”, what their everyday activism looks like, and if there are things that are missing as of right now in Stockholm. The presentations are followed by questions and discussions.

We hope that this evening will empower new activists to either get into existing solidarity networks or start up new work groups within the prisoner support work.

Upcoming printsessions

Tryckverkstan kommer köra ett antal abetsdagar under augusti månad. Vi håller på med ett antal projekt och kommer jobba med dem. Om du är nyfiken på hur screen tryck funkar, vill lära dig trycka eller vill diskutera möjliga samarbeten så är de här dagarna utmärkta tillfällen att komma förbi för tt antingen hjälpa till eller bara snacka lite. Vi ses!

The printing group ‘Tryckverkstan’ hosts a couple of workdays in the print shop during august. There are a few projects on the way and we will be working on them. If you are curious about how screen printing works, want to learn how to print, or want to discuss future collaborations these are great opportunities to drop by and either help out or talk about stuff. See ya!

Planerade tillfällen/Planned sessions in August: 
7 aug, 13.00 – 21.00
14 aug, 13.00 – 21.00
28 aug, 13.00 – 21.00