Monthly Archives: July 2022

Upcoming printsessions

Tryckverkstan kommer köra ett antal abetsdagar under augusti månad. Vi håller på med ett antal projekt och kommer jobba med dem. Om du är nyfiken på hur screen tryck funkar, vill lära dig trycka eller vill diskutera möjliga samarbeten så är de här dagarna utmärkta tillfällen att komma förbi för tt antingen hjälpa till eller bara snacka lite. Vi ses!

The printing group ‘Tryckverkstan’ hosts a couple of workdays in the print shop during august. There are a few projects on the way and we will be working on them. If you are curious about how screen printing works, want to learn how to print, or want to discuss future collaborations these are great opportunities to drop by and either help out or talk about stuff. See ya!

Planerade tillfällen/Planned sessions in August: 
7 aug, 13.00 – 21.00
14 aug, 13.00 – 21.00
28 aug, 13.00 – 21.00

Support pub

Tuesday 19th of July at 19:00, ring the doorbell to be let in!

Nattsvart invites you all to a support pub night. Come join us for a few beers or some light food, hang out, and have a good time!

Browse our political library, add a poster to our info wall, check out the print workshop and our martial arts gear, look through the free shop, buy a t-shirt from the print groups stash, use our inkjet printers, eat some or cook some food, or play a board game or three. This is also the perfect opportunity to meet some of the organizers of the space and maybe make some plans together!

All costs are donation based and voluntary. All things that we have spent money on to get for the evening will have recommended prices. Any surplus will help us pay our rents.

See ya!