Monthly Archives: January 2022

Atletiska klubben är tillbaka

Från och med den 24:e Januari blir det träning på nattsvart kl 18:30. Inga krav på träningsnivå. Passen anpassas till de som kommer. Bra att mejla om du planerar att komma! Ses på mattan!

From the 24th of January and onwards the training sessions at Nattsvart return! Starting at 18.30. No previous knowledge is needed. The level of the sessions is adapted to the participants of each session. Email if you are planning on showing up! See you on the training mat.

2022 is upon us

From next week we will start having our regular open hours again. The open hours are for random drop-ins, people hanging out, cooking, listening to music, showering, or whatever is needed in the community.

We have moved the open hours to be on thursdays from now on, instead of mondays. The time is still between 18.00 and 20.00.

If the door is closed, ring the doorbell to get let in.

Soon the weekly self-defense sessions will start up again also!