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ANTIJOB – Antiwar and antiwork movement in Russia

Despite repressions in connection with the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the anti-authoritarian initiatives continue to operate in Russia. One of them is Antijob, an anti-authoritarian syndicalist project that carries out its work no matter the risks.

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Since the start of the invasion, Antijob has spoken out against military aggression, forced conscription at work, and continues its fight for the labor against work.

On 8 December at 18:00, a representative of Antijob’s collective will share their experience of survival and fighting in a repressive state. You will also learn how to support the working-class movement in Russia.

Here is an interview made by crimethinc on the topic:

Digital Security For Activists Workshop

# November 19th @ 2PM – Digital Security For Activists Workshop

Nattsvart invites you to join us for a lecture and workshop on how best to protect data and cultivate a security mindset.
We will cover all the main threats and offer you best practices on how to mitigate these concerns.
After the introductory lecture, we will help you get set up with anything you are missing and answer any of your questions.
Please bring your devices so we can help you set things up, and share this invite with your comrades!

Date & Time:
Saturday, 19 November, 2022 – 14:00
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Price: free – Nattsvart is financed only by donations from anonymous givers. Please consider supporting us by donating to us.