Space-less Commons a talk by Nikos Vrantsis

On Friday the 16th of October at 18:30 researcher, activist, and comrade Nikos Vrantsis will visit us at nattsvart and give a presentation on the political situation for squatters in Thessaloniki.
There will also be vegan food! We will be limited to 40 people, but we probably won’t fill up. If you’re in doubt just contact us!

Here’s a description of the talk :

Space-less commons

In the recent election of the crisis-ridden Greece, the right-wing party of New Democracy won the majority of seats in parliament, uniting its electorate under a promise to “restore normality”. Since then, it has unleashed an unprecedented wave of repression against squats, framing squatters as the “symptoms” of abnormality, conflating squats with illegality, criminality and social evil. The safescapes previously sustained by squats and a solidarity network has now been drastically changed and pauperised in Thessaloniki.

In this presentation Nikos would like to discuss
— the political and institutional rearrangements that preceded the recent repression of squats

— the ways squats in Thessaloniki have been reframed and evacuated
— the effects of this lost safescape upon undocumented migrants

— the remainders and spaceless legacies of previous common struggles, and how we get to next.

Nikos Vrantsis has a background in Political Sciences and completed his ΜΑ in Political Theory in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
He is currently enrolled as a master student of Urban Studies in the University of Malmö.
He has worked as a journalist reporting on homelessness and urban movements in Greece.
He is currently a member of the digital libertarian space Αυτο-λεξεί for autonomy, social ecology and direct democracy and part of the movement against evictions.

Piratköket returns! Sunday 20th of September

Our Folkkök has its return this Sunday!
Anyone who wants to help cooking can just show up at 16h, doesn’t matter if it`s for cutting veggies, helping to arrange the space or doing the dishes 🙂

Oh and: We can have max 30 people there!

Come and join our second folkkök and enjoy great vegan food on a donation basis. We also look for volunteers for that day!
We’ll have a starter, main dish and dessert!
🖤 Who is piratköket?
Piratköket is a group of volunteers who enjoy preparing delicious vegan food. Once a in a while we cook at Nattsvart.
The food is always vegan and will be distributed for donation.
🖤 Who can join? – Everyone is welcome to join! You don`t need any experience in the kitchen. We need people to cut veggies, do the dishes or help serving 🙂 Support your local folkkök!
🖤 Why vegan?
Cruelty-free food is good food.
◎ Why donation?
The donation is based on the self-assessment of each individual – who have less, can give less; If you have more, you may donate a little more.
◎What happens to the donations?
We will use the donation to buy the ingredients and pay rent, and tools if needed. The rest of the money goes to different projects.
◎ Where do we get the ingredients for the food?
We try to get food donations, or try to save food waste which ends up being thrown away. Other specific ingredients, which are hard to come by will be bought in stores.

Invigning av “Circle A” trädgården

Nu på Lördag den 13 juni, vid 14.00, så är du välkommen tilll invigningen av vår gemensamma trädgård “Circle A”. Det kommer vara musik, vegansk mat och andra roliga saker som händer. Kom och umgås i solen! 

Delta i plant-bytande, om du har några växter hemmas om du inte vet vad du skall göra med eller ifall du har sticklingar som behöver nya hem. Vi kommer också visa en film utomhus. Du hittar oss i parken bakom Nattsvart verkstad.

Next Saturday the 13th June at 14.00 we welcome you to the opening event of our community Garden “Circle A”. @circlea_nattsvart There will be music, vegan food and other fun things happening. Come and hang out with us!
We will also do a plant swap, if you have plants at home you don’t know what to do with 🙂 and a film screening. You can find us in the park, behind Nattsvart.

Economy update 27th of may

Nattsvart Economy update: we now have 6000 out of the 10 000 needed for the june rent 🖤 Thank you so much for supporting us! 🖤

If you like anarchism, diy, social centres, mutual aid, gardening, building autonomous infrastructure or maybe just likes creativity plz consider donating some money to us. 

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