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Väggtidningen för april 2022 är klar!

Från och med torsdag 14 april finns denna månadens affischtidning att hämta upp på Nattsvart  Verkstad. Kom förbi imorgon under vår öppettid (18-20) för att hämta ditt exemplar!

Tanka ner högupplöst PDF för utskrift här: 2022 april poster

Texten på affischen:
Vi vill hjälpa. Nu.

Detta är ett av de grundläggande dragen inom anarkistisk organisering, att vi vill förbättra de materiella förutsättningarna omedelbart. Många av de auktoritära bekantskaperna inom Continue reading

Kamrater arrangerar Nattsvart Mangel @ Gula Villan

Kamrater arrangerar stödspelning för att hjälpa oss komma på fötter igen!
OBS: Detta är inte ett nattsvart evenemang, utan äger rum på Gula Villan i Handen.

“Lördag den 19:e mars klockan 19:00 slår Gula Villan upp portarna för Nattsvart Mangel!!; En stödspelning där allt överskott kommer att gå till att hjälpa Nattsvart Verkstad att bygga upp pengabuffert.

Kom kom på en kväll fylld med oljud och solidaritet!
Punk, Dödsmetal, Grindcore, Crust!! i en ohelig blandning!
Bärs, Blastbeats och Blasfemi!!

Nattsvart Verkstad, ett anarkistiskt socialt center ( hade i mars månad en ekonomisk kris som tömde ut alla deras reserver. Nu arrar banden ECRYPTMENT, SLAUGHTERCOFFIN, NUKIES, MALICIOUS XENO-CONCIOUSNESS, ARROGANTE en stödspelning för att hjälpa Nattsvart!

Det kommer som vanligt att finnas god mat och dryck på plats för en billig slant!

Get over heeeeere!
Lib, lib, libertad! – Anarchia Total!

Här är deras facebook event: 

Anarchist assembly follow up meeting

On the 18th of March, 18:00 – 19:00, Nattsvart Verkstad hosts a follow-up gathering after the “Anarchists Assembly on Ukraine”. The intent is that everyone who showed up to the assembly should regather and readdress some questions and propositions made during the assembly. Please note that this will be short and informational, not long and discussional.

For all purposes, this gathering is for the people who attended the original assembly. 

At the gathering, you will also be able to get a copy of the zine summing up the conclusions from the assembly. The zine will also be distributed through Bokhandeln Info and Cyklopen.

Solidarity saves the day: Nattsvart Verkstad is NOT in financial crisis!

Friends and Comrades, you are amazing. After less than a full day, we have raised sufficient funds to continue! We are absolutely humbled by the solidarity and generosity of the radical left community!

We say this all the time, but it never gets old to repeat: Solidarity is our strongest defense! Thank you all so much! We hope to see you all more often on the streets and in our projects!

Nattsvart is in a financial crisis!

After a break-in attempt and key theft in august, we have been struggling with a debt to our landlord. A few days ago we received a second notice on that bill. As of right now, we owe 23 000 kr, and our time is running out. The bill should have been paid 2022-03-03.

We already have managed to raise about 10.971 kr.
This leaves about 12 000 that we still need to raise.

If we cannot pay this, we might have to close Nattsvart Verkstad down.

If you think that we are an important part of the Stockholm activist scene, or political ecology, this is very much the time to help us! We encourage all initiatives to help us raise this money, and any efforts to allow us to keep the space running.

If you cannot host any support events, or have any money to spare, you can still spread the word and encourage people to help out!

Swish 123 473 00 99
BG: 5476-1143

/The Nattsvart Collective

Vi behöver pengar – we need money

Nattsvart verkstad monthly rent callout.
if you support our work and find nattsvart important (or see potential in it) please donate some of your hard earned cash to us.

swish: 123 473 00 99
bankgiro: 5476-1143

🖤 thanks to everyone who supports us, you are literally what gives us a roof. 🖤

To set up a monthly donation please fill out this form:


This sunday! 18:00! Nattsvart Verkstad is happy to host a screening of the documentary “WOMEN IN THE DEMOCRATIC ARMY OF GREECE”.

“After the liberation of Athens from the German occupation in 1944, a new era of British political and military intervention followed in Greece. As a result, conflicts broke out between the people who fought against the Germans and those who collaborated with them and were supported by the British army.

After the military defeat of the first ones, the signing of the Treaty of Varkiza (February 1945) signaled the start of the White Terror. Thousands of men and women who fought in the National Resistance and their families were persecuted by military and paramilitary groups. Houses were set on fire, people were raped, beaten, murdered, imprisoned and exiled. All this created a suffocating atmosphere and pushed the persecuted fighters to go up to the mountains and form groups that would serve as the base for the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE).

This was a revolutionary army and a large number of women joined its ranks and played a substantial role in it, taking part in battles and decision making. They were young women mainly from rural areas who had been brought up in the traditions of the Greek province. The struggle against the German Occupation inspired them to fight on the side of DSE but at the same time, they were also fighting for their liberation as women.

The documentary film Newborn Sky tells the story of women who fought in the ranks of DSE. Women who had been persecuted, women who had made the conscious decision to fight, women who had been drafted their experiences form a mosaic of the civil war. Apart from grief this war also spread the will to sacrifice oneself and the hope of storming heaven.”

Date & Time:

Sunday, 6 February, 2022 – 18:00


  • bar/cafe
  • film


  • free
– Nattsvart is financed only by donations from anonymous givers. Please consider supporting us by donating to us.