Nattsvart is in a financial crisis!

After a break-in attempt and key theft in august, we have been struggling with a debt to our landlord. A few days ago we received a second notice on that bill. As of right now, we owe 23 000 kr, and our time is running out. The bill should have been paid 2022-03-03.

We already have managed to raise about 10.971 kr.
This leaves about 12 000 that we still need to raise.

If we cannot pay this, we might have to close Nattsvart Verkstad down.

If you think that we are an important part of the Stockholm activist scene, or political ecology, this is very much the time to help us! We encourage all initiatives to help us raise this money, and any efforts to allow us to keep the space running.

If you cannot host any support events, or have any money to spare, you can still spread the word and encourage people to help out!

Swish 123 473 00 99
BG: 5476-1143

/The Nattsvart Collective