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Thank you all!

Thank you so much, everyone, for the received economic support! We have successfully managed to pay our rent for January. We literally couldn’t have done it without your help!

A quick note: this problem will not be going away quickly, this means in practical terms that we will be asking the same thing next month and probably the month after that. In order to make that process a bit less daunting and scary what we really need is financial stability. One really, really appreciated way of helping us achieve that is to become a support member!

Visit https://nattsvartverkstad.noblogs.org/nattsvart-flyttar/

Filling in the form and donating a small amount every month is by far the best way to contribute! You decide the amount of your membership fee/donation, we recommend between 50 and 500 kronor. #nattsvartverkstad #acab #mutualaid #anticapitalistirony #itsucksbeingconfinedinthissocietalhellholecalledeconomy