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Stockholm Anarchist Assembly – on Ukraine

To all anarchists, in and around Stockholm – in support of comrades and peoples caught between the megalomaniac states of Ukraine and Russia. In response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the devastating effects on the various peoples of Ukraine, and the following repression and persecution of anti-authoritarians and anarchists both in Russia and Ukraine, there is an urgent need for the international solidarity movement to, once again, get our shit together.

As part of the anarchist international movement, we need to meet each other in order to draft plans for how we as a community can support and help our comrades in need. Whether you are part of an affinity group, a collective, or just an individual who feels the calling – we call out to you to meet up on Saturday the 5th of march.

The meeting will be moderated, and you will discuss things with comrades – known and unknown. The language will primarily be in swedish and english.

As with any publicly announced event, there is some need for consciousness about what we talk about.

There are a few discussions that must happen:

  • What possible lines of cooperation can we establish in preparation for when Ukrainian migrants start showing up.

  • What material resources do we have among us? Housing? Money? Food? What do we actually need?

  • What can an anarchist volunteer do in Ukraine and the surrounding areas?

Some perspectives and thoughts (recommended reading):

¡Transmisión de la llegada de la delegación del CNI-CIG y FPDTA-PMT a Viena!

¡Los pueblos indígenas rebeldes llegan a tierra insumisa!

🛬 Miércoles 22/09 – 19h (Europa Central) 12h (CDMX)

📺 Transmisión por los canales:
Transmission of the arrival of the CNI-CIG and FPDTA-PMT delegation to Vienna!

Rebellious indigenous peoples arrive on unsubmissive land!

🛬 Wednesday 22/09 – 19h (Central Europe) 12h (CDMX)

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