Folkkök #5: Vegan Brunch Buffet

Come and join our first brunch buffet! Sunday, 26/01 13:12h !

Our hacker-friends / kr3ts will also have a lockpicking workshop! Enjoy great vegan food and learn how to pick locks!

???? Who is piratköket?
Piratköket is a group of volunteers who enjoy preparing delicious vegan food. Once a in a while we cook at Nattsvart.
The food is always vegan and will be distributed for donation.

???? Who can join? – Everyone is welcome to join! You don`t need any experience in the kitchen. We need people to cut veggies, do the dishes or help serving 🙂 Support your local folkkök!

???? Why vegan?
Cruelty-free food is good food.

◎ Why donation?
The donation is based on the self-assessment of each individual – who have less, can give less; If you have more, you may donate a little more.

◎What happens to the donations?
We will use the donation to buy the ingredients and pay rent, and tools if needed. The rest of the money goes to different projects.

◎ Where do we get the ingredients for the food?
We try to get food donations, or try to save food waste which ends up being thrown away. Other specific ingredients, which are hard to come by will be bought in stores.